Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
Dunajska cesta 167
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: (01) 5898 212, (01) 5898 213
Fax: (01) 5898 219
Identification number: 2246473
ID VAT number: SI 67994598


About us

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce has representative chamber status and has been active since 2006 on a voluntary membership basis.

Through collaboration with its voluntary members, employed specialist staff, if necessary, external experts, the Chamber has established an efficient, transparent and dynamic form of association for the purposes of running and developing commercial and related activities on today’s global market in accordance with the principles of market economy and competition.

Through its activities the Chamber in maintaining the reputation of commercial and related activities and strengthening social dialogue and social partnership on all levels.

A small but efficient team of experts provides our members with custom services and assists them in solving problems concerning their everyday business operations.

Our mission, values, vision

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is an independent, voluntary, interest-based, non-profit association of legal persons and sole-proprietors who perform independent commercial and related activities on the market.

With its operation the Chamber in ensuring quality development and greater visibility of commercial activities in the wider region and keeping government institutions informed regarding the conditions in commercial and related activities as well as the importance of these activities for the Slovenian economy.

The key roles of the Chamber comprise participation in the legislative process ensuring a comparable and competitive business environment, providing up-to-date information for members, strengthening social partnership and performing tasks responsibility in relation to people, society and the environment.

Its expertise, experience and problem-solving abilities make the Chamber a respected and important partner with influence on the economic and social conditions in the narrower and wider region.

Organisational structure

SCC Bodies:

  • Assembly
  • Management Board
  • Supervisory Board
  • President
  • Executive Director

SCC Management:

  • Mariča Lah, MSc, President
  • Mija Lapornik, Executive Director

The specialist SCC staff comprises of seven experts and an administrative secretary. It is managed by the Executive Director.

Areas of expertise
  • The expert work of SCC in the legislative field – general legislation, legislation concerning food and non-food commodities. Members have the opportunity of relaying their viewpoints and opinions to legislators and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and solutions free of charge based on the experience of other companies through commission, section, working group and project group meetings
  • Publication of “T-Informacije” bulletin – newsletter for members free of charge (3 times a month)
  • Consulting –consultancy for members free of charge
  • SCC Library – members can purchase specialised materials and publications at discounted prices, which are normally tree times lower as for non-members.
  • Education and specialist training – functional education in field of legislation in various regions throughout Slovenia under the brand name “SCC ACADEMY
  • Central annual event in October - Strategic Conference on Trade in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, UL (Slovenian and internationally renowned experts)
  • Partnership programmes – the CSS offers partnership programmes in which selected business partners perform their services for SCC members under special conditions and lower prices
  • Commerce in numbers – real-time monitoring, processing and preparation of data and business performance analyses.